Day with alumni

Meetings of our alumni community at a number of professional lectures, discussions and social events. 

Date: 9/30/2021
Event time: 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Venue: Online


Our annual Alumni Day is an opportunity for graduates to meet first virtually, but in the following years also through a combination of virtual and personal events.

On September 30, we will host a number of events that will transport graduates around the world. Both graduates and academic speakers or other experts will speak at each of them to discuss the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the field of business.

Most sessions will take place around noon Central European time and will last approximately 30 minutes – we will start with a meeting for alumni in the Asia-Pacific region and the last formal session of the day will be a meeting for alumni on the west coast of the USA.

The program will also include meetings with our professors around the world – a great opportunity to expand your networks and meet, for example, those you have not had the opportunity to meet during your studies.

You can attend any number of online events – you may be interested in listening to graduates working in a particular part of the world, or you may want to listen to someone who works in the same industry as you.

A key part of the day will be re-establishing contacts with graduates. Through a joint online video call, you will have the opportunity to make contacts with new people, or to make contacts with friends or make new connections that can support your professional development.

Register today and we will keep you informed of all the information you will need for this day.